Since 2004, MSC-Q has built a strong presence within the country, leading the way in delivering expansive, steady, secure, and high-performing products and solutions for a variety of industries.

MSC-Q delivers enterprise-grade solutions in healthcare, safety and security, and project management fields as it assists the growth of numerous distinguished organizations from different industries, including but not limited Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Qatar Armed Forces (QAF), Ministry of Interior (MOI), Internal Security Force (ISF), as well as many others.

We work with clients at every step of the process to allow enterprises and organizations to reach their fullest potential, and beyond. We represent a range of multi-vendor suppliers and offer turnkey solutions to allow clients attaining new opportunities in the global marketplace. Our team specializes in supply, installation, and operations, bridging the gap between business strategy and technological execution. Our clients benefit from our multi-faceted expertise, to bring forward innovation, achieve operational brilliance.

MSC-Q consistently strives for growth in all aspects of project management and procurement services, developing advanced managerial practices in research and development, complete project management methodology, and strong investment in human resources. We cultivate a high personnel portfolio to master the best experiences and qualifications for your needs, making us one of the fastest-growing organizations in the local market.